The Country House : ‘For Times Gone By’

Do you remember the timeless song of Tagore ‘Purano Shei Din er Kotha’?  Did you know that the song is inspired by Robert Burns’s Scottish composition “Auld Lang Syne” (meaning – Times Gone By)?

For auld lang syne, my dear (For times gone by, my dear)
For auld lang syne, (For times gone by)
We’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet (We will take a cup of kindness yet)
For auld lang syne! (For times gone by)

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Tak Heng: The Pan-Asian Home Style Cooking

Have you ever been invited to a Chinese Home for a sumptuous meal? Well, most of us haven’t. So let me rephrase. Have you ever ‘dreamt ‘or ‘hoped’ or ‘desired’ to be invited to a Chinese Home for a sumptuous meal? Well, I have, like a billion times and Tak Heng just fulfilled my long time dream. I was inquisitive about what the name meant, and I found out that Tak Heng means ‘Good and Prosperous’ in Chinese; two adjectives befitting a home. With its homely décor, Chinese paintings, laughing Buddha, dangling lights with Chinese markings, loving & affectionate hosts and superbly delectable food, Tak Heng is like the quintessential Chinese Household. Continue reading “Tak Heng: The Pan-Asian Home Style Cooking”