The Big Bong Theory : 4 Monsoon Food that all Bengali’s live for!!

Do you live in Bengal? Are you leisurely browsing a newspaper, while sipping tea and happily humming to the tunes of Manna Dey’s ‘Rimjhi Bristi’ playing on the Radio; enjoying every moment of the monsoons? Or is it just the opposite? The nagging rain, the puddles everywhere, the tiring humidity, the longer than usual traffic jams (as if office commute wasn’t bad enough); is it irritating you to the core? The Monsoons of Bengal – whether you love it, or hate it, you cannot ignore it! We Bengali’s associate every emotion with food and the monsoons are no different. As the rain starts pouring down, the “bhojon roshik bangali’s” soul yearns for some typical gourmet delicacies pertinent only for the season. Here are 4 such delicacies without which Bengali’s cannot fathom their monsoons. Continue reading “The Big Bong Theory : 4 Monsoon Food that all Bengali’s live for!!”