Banana Leaf : Breakfast Goals

It was a November Saturday Morning – A breeze, lush greens, a quite roadway and sunlight pouring in through the window. The tranquillity of Vivekananda Park and my own sense of peace after a tedious work-week complement each other.  I was relaxed and laid-back.

Banana Leaf has always been my go to place for South Indian Cuisine. There is something non-superfluous, yet welcoming about  this place and its people.


We started of with FILTER COFFEE,  and only after gulping down two cups did my heart feel satiated.  Though not a coffee person myself,  there is something about filter coffee that just gets to me.  This one is a must try.

Then we had PORATA (Kerala Paratha) with KURMA and RAITA. The paratha was crisp and yet quite thick & filling.  The Kurma, while not a conventional choice for the Kerala Paratha tasted quite fine with it.

Then arrived the IDIYAPPAM because Rajesh (The Owner) was in a mood to overfeed his guests that morning (I kid of course, but everything was really filling). Idiyappam, also called string hoppers in English, is a traditional South India food consisting of rice flour pressed into noodle form and then steamed. It was an unconventional breakfast option but tasted delicious.

Finally when the Bengali in me yearned for something sweet, it was like someone read my mind,  because out came the warm RAVA KESARI fresh from the kitchen. Rava kesari is made with semolina(suji in bengali), sugar and a pinch of saffron or food color. It is often served with simple meals as a dessert or as an offering to Gods. It was mouthwatering.

I would like to thank Rajesh Bala for his hospitality and his staff for their diligent and customer oriented nature.


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The Skirt Hack – for the short & plump

I’m NO FASHIONISTA – I’m fat, I have always been so. In my everyday, I make do with some basic hacks or guidelines to make me look slightly slimmer than what I’m in actuality. I thought of sharing them with you. People who know me keep on asking why I end up wearing so many skirts, and what are the basic things that I look at while purchasing one. Here is what I think you should do if you are short n plump (read fat) like me :

1. Discard anything that has a typical ‘ELASTIC WAISTBAND’ : Trust me when I say this, waist bands are not for anyone with belly fat. The reason is simple – waistbands form a noticeable bulge below the region that it is placed,making your belly fat all the more visible.

2. Show off your LEGS : If you are short n stout , show off that leg.. surprised much ? Let me explain – knee length or midi skirts are the ideal. Showing off some part your leg or at least your ankle & feet goes a long way in making you look taller and thinner tooooooo ( trust me on this) . If you chose to go maxi pair it with some heels and make sure it’s not wiping the floor after you. If you chose to go mini, match it with knee or thigh high boots as these will create the illusion of longer and slimmer legs. But whatever skirt you wear, it should be well fitted at the waist. The WAIST is the most important part of your body that gets highlighted in a skirt.

3. Go A-LINE / FIT & FLARED : Well-fitted at the waist and rest should be lose, flowy and flared. The flare aspect of any skirt will help you hide that tummy n thighs and the basic cut will give your body a nice shape. Moreover it will allow you to tuck in your top or blouse giving you that perfect curve around the waist. Please keep in mind that while they have some flare, it’s not too much. And with your fit & flare skirt , make sure that the fit part of it isn’t making your stomach bulge.

4. Make it DARK and/or PATTERNED : Yes, we have all heard it – ‘Dark Colors makes one look Thinner’ and it’s true. Go basic. Most Indians have issues in their tummy region and thighs, so no need to go light-colored their. Also patterns help break the color and gives a slimmer illusion. But make sure it’s not horizontal. Anything horizontal will make you look plump, so however cute that horizontal pattern is, it’s a strict No No.

5. Don’t FLARE it much : While A-Line skirts are excellent for stout people, make sure that there isn’t too much of flare. This will kill the entire purpose of wearing skirts and you will end up looking short n fat. The thumb rule for flare is – less pleat , preferably no inner lining , and most importantly once you wear it – it doesn’t look either like a ghagra(too much flare) or a petticoat(too less flare). Too much flare = Too much volume = Look Fat.

6. Make it to the TOP : Well, once you get that perfect skirt you need to know that perfect top to pair it with. I say a tight or shapely top (preferably tucked in) with a flowy skirt is the best choice. You can also wear a shirt but tucking it in is imperative. With skirts your entire emphasis is on the waist, remember that.

Well, if you are still unsure , just send me a pic of your skirt and yourself and I will try my best to help you.

Hey, have fun with it !!