Fajita Festival at Chili’s

As I boarded the elevator of South City Mall for my first ever Fajita Festival, my mind drifted to my first Fajita experience. Funnily, my first ever Fajita was also at a Chili’s outlet, the first outlet of Kolkata, at Quest Mall.It was years back, I still remember my best friend had come down from Germany and we were well, quite lit up ( if you catch my drift), and she ordered a Fajita saying ‘khey dekh na, amar khub priyo’. While skeptical at first fajitas grew to be one of my staples at Chili’s. And Chili’s grew to be my yardstick for fajitas in general. As I walked into South City Chili’s for a bloggers meet I thought to myself – ‘Today my journey of Fajitas completes a full cycle’. Continue reading “Fajita Festival at Chili’s”

Crossroad Cafe : Trust me you will ‘cross their road’ more than once !!

A large number of cafes have mushroomed all across the city, completely challenging the motto of the CCDs and the Baristas – ‘mediocre food, higher than average prices and to compensate the mediocrity long sitting time’.  Even a decade back cafes were associated with the culture of ‘sitting with a drink’ where food wasn’t given much priority. But today small eateries like Crossroad Café have challenged this theory and motivated the café scene of Kolkata to undergo a complete transformation. Continue reading “Crossroad Cafe : Trust me you will ‘cross their road’ more than once !!”