West View Bar and Grill(ITC Sonar): Italian Week 

Italian Week(21st to 27th November) is seven days of signature Italian Cuisine, the first of its kind to be held worldwide in 130 countries. West View Bar & Grill at ITC Sonar hosts this unique event (dinner only) showcasing this as the theme of the Week. They feature diverse cuisines of Piedmont, Parma and Versilia,   highlighting Italian gastronomy. The accent is on authenticity and taste crafted through the use of local products.

After delighting gourmands in Bangalore, Chef Vittorio Greco, with his Michelin starred restaurant in Italy and restaurants in Australia, lends his expertise to the occasion.  His culinary art is firmly rooted in the Italian soil combining traditional flavours with a showman’s flair.H e is a gem of a person, and his enthusiasm to food rather life in it’s entirety is infectious. He is one person I will remember for a long, long not just because of his mind blowing creations in the kitchen but for his basic outlook towards life in general.

Gondhoraj Based Welcome Drink. Made from garden variety gondhoraj and sprite. Refreshing and summery.

Zuppa Di Carciofi Con Gorgonzola E Cioccolato Fondente – Creamy artichoke soup with gorgonzella and dark chocolate. Dark chocolate in a soup. Have you EVER heard of it ??? Well, it was delicious. My showstopper for the afternoon.

Filleto Di Pollo O Alle Ebre E Limone Con Salsa Tonnata E Pane Al Sesamo : Sous Vide chicken breast with tuna sauce and sesame seeds crispy bread.This was an interesting combination , the subtle tuna sauce made all the difference. It’s truly worthy of a revisit.

Parmigiana Rivisitata Con Olio Al Carbone : Trio of aubergine tomato & parmigiano mousse with fresh aubergine salad, crispy parmesan and a drizzle of charcoal oil.A combination of all three made so many different flavours burst in my mouth. Loved it.

Filetto Di Brazino Capperi E Olive : Sea bass braised with celery, capers and olives in thyme and white wine scented broth. Fish it’s generally fried and then cooked. Here I got the chance to try the sea bass in its most nacent form, no fry, no spices. I can’t say just delicious because that wouldn’t be able to do justice to this rare dish, It was an experience in itself !! Loved it, a must try.

Ravioli Di Ossobuco Con Argumi E Spezie: Lamb ossobuco ravioli citrus sauce. The raviolis were delicious to the core – such subtlety of flavours!!

Tiramisu arrived at the fag end of the meet. And it the best Tiramisu I have ever had. I’m a Tiramisu fan and I end up having Tiramisu at many Italian joints, but nothing could beat this one. It was deliciously creamy with just enough crumbly cake, and the inherent bitter sweetness of Tiramisu that leaves you saying – ‘Pureeeeeeeeeeee Bliss’ !!

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