Chocolate, Cheese, Coffee – 3CFestival at Scarlet, Aauris

Boutique Hotel Aauris, located at 4, Robinson St, has launched a deliciously unique festival called “3C – Chocolate, Cheese and Coffee” at its well-known patisserie, Scarlet. The three staple favourites of all foodies will find expression in an innovative dessert menu that Executive Chef Sujit Mondale has prepared keeping in mind today’s experimental audience ready to try new combinations. 

Talking about his inspiration, Chef Mondal says, “We all love chocolate, cheese and coffee. Think of anything sinfully indulgent and you will to think of chocolate and cheese. I wanted to play with these ingredients and create something refreshing yet great to taste that would make everyone go wow.  The focus of Scarlet at the moment is all about delivering the most elevated valuable patisserie experience to the guests.” 

With ideation, passion and implementation in perfect balance, Chef Mondale blends subtle flavours and richness of the ingredients for a smooth gastronomic experience at the 3C Festival. The desserts are PLAIN WOW .. 

I began my afternoon of indulgence with some Dulce de leche caramel cheesecake ( ₹ 350 ) Cheesecake entwined with caramel & dulce de leche. Popular in Latin American Countries dulce de keche is a confectiom prepared by slowly heating sweetened milk to create a substance that literally translates to “candy [made] of milk” .
I also got to try the Intense trio of choco mousse (#MustTry) (₹ 350 ) The mousse in this cake is as smooth as silk and has a surprise hint of nut. Tease the tastebuds with this rich, multi-textured chocolate dessert. 

I paired my yumilicious cakes with some Thai Iced Coffee (#MustTry) ( ₹ 150 ). An innovative cold coffee with cardamom & almond.

Everyone knows about the Little Black Dress. Now meet the Little Black Dress Chocolate Cake ( ₹ 350) that is as good to look at as it is good to taste. This is one of those reliable cakes – simple yet sexy – that will wow everyone, every time.

You can also find some attractive tarts and cupcakes if you are in the mood for something lighter.

Available from July 20 to August 20, the 3C Festival will come at a pocket pinch of INR 350 plus taxes for one person. But it’s impossible to finish one cake on your own. 

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D Talks Adda : Health is Wealth

D Talks Adda is one among the ‘still fairly novel’ Health Food Restaurants in Kolkata. I say ‘still fairly novel’ because the onset of health joints begun in Kolkata some years back and now there are now a couple of options to satiate the health buff in you. This meant that this restaurant also faced the challenge of getting into a territory which was new, yet Kolkatans had a taste of it.

D Talks Adda is set apart by it’s wide array of veg offerings unlike most health cafes/restaurants and quirky sport themed interiors. You will end up sitting on bar stools with a wheel & paddle , and may end up catching up on some exercise while you eat, or just look cool and get that FB Display Pic that you were looking for. Or you maybe end up on a boxing ring or sitting area adorned with a tree shaped bookshelf. The options are many and they are never boring.

This restaurant is located in Salt Lake Sector II , near the swimming pool.

Coming to the food. Well, Heath food is tricky because you end up with zero oil and no wheat and no sugar kinda policy. Chinmay the owner, has a marvelous job in making the conventional health food which most of us construe as bland or boring, to be delicious.

We started with a few mocktails and soups.

Veg Clear Soup was a basic clear soup with fresh and colourful veggies. Served in cups rather than soup bowls this soup was mild and soothing.

Mushroom Soup (#MustTry) : I’m a total mushroom person. I’m fond of everything to do with mushroom. This soup was no different. Loved it to the core. A rich, creamy, delectable soup.

The Mocktail Antioxidant Boost(#MustTry) was my favorite. Made of grounded dried drumstick tree leaves, lemon , mint leaves and sweetened with natural sweetener Stevia Leaves, it was really refreshing, filled with antioxidants and yummilious to taste. 

Iced Mochaccino and Banana Milkshake was nice.

Surya Namashkar ( Mix Fruits Juice ) : Rich in red and adorned with the colour red this was extremely delicious​.

For Appetizers there was Crispy Chili Baby Corn, Paneer Amritsari and Chocolate Pizza. The fries was absolutely oil free since it was air-fried.



Chocolate pizza : wheat based pizza bread and oozing out chocolate and caramelized honey. Now that’s called healthy indulgence.

For Mains there was Kashmiri Rajma(#musttry), Paneer Pasanda(#must try) with a Bengali twist, Masala Kulcha, Laccha Paratha  and Veg Pulao. I fell in love with the main course. I’m a Rajma – Chawal person. Wherever​ I go , I end up having Rajma . Hence at D talks I devoured the Veg Puloa and Rajmha.

The paneer pasinda was just wow – fresh paneer, a thin outer coating and a rich, oil-free gravy. The paratha/kulcha were made with pure wheat.

Now coming to the prices well they are extremely reasonable for the quality of food and service. Try this place. It won’t let you down.

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