Asia House : My PanAsian Home .. 

Located in the Heart of Southern Avenue , close to Somaj Sebi Pujo / Lake Kali Bari – right beside Raymond’s Seconds Showroom. While Southern Avenue has many restaurants offering delectable Pan Asian food , this place is my recent favorite. With a wide array of offerings like Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Seafood, Asian, Malaysian, Singaporean their chef from Shanghai, China has nailed it. Being a experienced chef and a Chinese by origin his secret recipes definitely gives the place an edge.

The decor is minimalist but pretty. Coming to the food. We started with Shanghai Hawkers Soup, Hua Hin Highway Rolls ( veg & nonveg) followed by an array for Asia House special in house Dumplings. I personally love mild soups where the natural flavors of the ingredients aren’t inhibited by too much spice or sauce. And this soup was perfect. The rolls , especially the chicken one was quite nice. I fell in love with the pork dumplings since the stuffing was just optimum and the flavors of the pork infused perfectly with the spices. And who am I kidding here, pork rules!! The dumplings are definite must try.

In mains it was Pla Gra Tiem that won my heart. I’m a fish lover and obsessor, and for years have been nicknamed ‘MECHO’ (the Bengali Ghost obsessed with Fish). I wear the name with pride. Coming to the Pla Gra Tiem which is a traditional Thai Dish cooked in Garlic, Black Pepper and Basil Sauce. And I must say it was delectable to the core. The fish (basa) was fresh and blended perfectly with the sauces to create an memorable experience. This is another must try. I had the fish with another traditional Thai dish –  Khao Pad Krateim, Thai fried rice cooked in Thai oil and burnt garlic. Loved the combination.
After the mind blowing fish, I had the Hong Kong Sweet & Spicy Chicken which was spicier, but I welcomed the change of pallet.

Ended the meal with some conventional (read as one of my all time favorites) darshan with ice cream. Loved it.
The staff was helpful and the prices are really affordable. Only thing is , now I need to go back for their Khaw Suey – saw the couple next to me opt for the Khaw Suey and ever since I have been day dreaming about it.

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Chocolate, Cheese, Coffee – 3CFestival at Scarlet, Aauris

Boutique Hotel Aauris, located at 4, Robinson St, has launched a deliciously unique festival called “3C – Chocolate, Cheese and Coffee” at its well-known patisserie, Scarlet. The three staple favourites of all foodies will find expression in an innovative dessert menu that Executive Chef Sujit Mondale has prepared keeping in mind today’s experimental audience ready to try new combinations. 

Talking about his inspiration, Chef Mondal says, “We all love chocolate, cheese and coffee. Think of anything sinfully indulgent and you will to think of chocolate and cheese. I wanted to play with these ingredients and create something refreshing yet great to taste that would make everyone go wow.  The focus of Scarlet at the moment is all about delivering the most elevated valuable patisserie experience to the guests.” 

With ideation, passion and implementation in perfect balance, Chef Mondale blends subtle flavours and richness of the ingredients for a smooth gastronomic experience at the 3C Festival. The desserts are PLAIN WOW .. 

I began my afternoon of indulgence with some Dulce de leche caramel cheesecake ( ₹ 350 ) Cheesecake entwined with caramel & dulce de leche. Popular in Latin American Countries dulce de keche is a confectiom prepared by slowly heating sweetened milk to create a substance that literally translates to “candy [made] of milk” .
I also got to try the Intense trio of choco mousse (#MustTry) (₹ 350 ) The mousse in this cake is as smooth as silk and has a surprise hint of nut. Tease the tastebuds with this rich, multi-textured chocolate dessert. 

I paired my yumilicious cakes with some Thai Iced Coffee (#MustTry) ( ₹ 150 ). An innovative cold coffee with cardamom & almond.

Everyone knows about the Little Black Dress. Now meet the Little Black Dress Chocolate Cake ( ₹ 350) that is as good to look at as it is good to taste. This is one of those reliable cakes – simple yet sexy – that will wow everyone, every time.

You can also find some attractive tarts and cupcakes if you are in the mood for something lighter.

Available from July 20 to August 20, the 3C Festival will come at a pocket pinch of INR 350 plus taxes for one person. But it’s impossible to finish one cake on your own. 

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