HOROSCOPE-BOOZING: Now what the hell is that?

Today if I tell you that I’m going to select a PERFECT DRINK for you using the stars, you might roll your eyes, or call me a lunatic. Well, believe it or not your Zodiac Sign has much to say about your boozing desires and apathies. Remember how you always like beer while your best friend is a wine person – seems random?  Well, ask your stars!!  Continue reading “HOROSCOPE-BOOZING: Now what the hell is that?”

The Fable of ‘FABELLE’ Exquisite Chocolates

Today, I will tell you the FABLE of ‘FABELLE’ Exquisite Chocolates, by ITC.

Now what is a fable? A fictional story? Wait till you hear the story of ‘FABELLE’ ; it will make you ponder if its just plain fiction. But as we know Truth can sometimes be stranger than Fiction. Watch my video below to find out the STORY !! Continue reading “The Fable of ‘FABELLE’ Exquisite Chocolates”