5 things to know about Level Seven

LOCATION : Roof top of Wizard House, Topsia Road Kolkata, overlooking the Maa Flyover.

AMBIANCE : Open in 3 directions with wooden furniture and a central bar. It is the view of this place that sets it apart. On one side one can be mesmerised by the tranquillity of sun setting across the horizon and on the other side it’s the busy Maa Flyover depicting the mechanised, fast city life.

FOOD : From the novel section I tried the Tuscana pizza, tandoori tikka trilogy, chicken shiracha, seasonal sea bass. I’m a fish person so my favourite was the sea bass, it was fresh and subtle in taste. The tikka trilogy had its own charm and it’s a must try for someone with a North Indian taste bud. The pizza was inundated with cheese, just the way I like it.

From the veg section it was cheesy mushroom kulcha, khichdi aranchini, goat cheese walnut tikii. The goat cheese walnut tikki was my favourite of the lot, it was soft, subtle and yet had a bunch of flavours to offer. I will definitely try this again when I go back. I love mushrooms and the kulcha lived up to it.

COCKTAILS : From the cocktails menu I had three Vodka based cocktails – cosmopolitan, orange martini, sex on the beach and one whiskey based – pisco sour. Pisco Sour, typical a whisky sour turned out to be my favourite of the lot.

THE GO BACK FACTOR : Imagine the sun setting on the horizon and you are sitting with a hookah in one hand and a glass of your favourite cocktail in the over, while you slowly tap away to your favourite beat. It doesn’t get better than that. What sets apart Level Seven is its ambiance and I for one will definitely go back for it.

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