The Fans Club : The journey of a skeptic to a fan!! 

The Fan’s Club is a posh cafe-restaurant in the Heart of Kolkata at 10 Woods Street, just opposite Pizza Hut(22 Camac Street). It’s easy accessibility from diverse locations and the presence of bustling malls, colleges and offices nearby makes it a hot favorite among varied crowds of people. 

At first when I heard of The Fans Club, I was slightly skeptical. Firstly the name confused me and the pure Vegetarian avatar made me ponder about its acceptance among the Bengali crowd. Today I can whole hearted say that have made my journey from a Skeptic to a Fan. 

The first time I was invited to TFC for a food bloggers meet , I asked -‘Why This Name’ ??? To this the team of TFC counter questioned me – ‘Well, are u a fan of – Pirates of the Caribbean ?? Or are you a devotee of Lata Mangeshkar ?? Or is it Bill Gates & Steve Jobs who catches you interest ? Or are you big on feminism ?? Or maybe Vastu?? Or just sometimes hope to sit under the starry sky and share a candle light dinner ?? Or Private Parties and Loud Music are your thing ?? Or maybe a pretty water curtain and quirky upside down tables hold your interest??’ And then they said – ‘Here is something for everyone. It’s a tribute to FAN’s in general.’ I was frankly intrigued but TFC does live up to its name. The entire space is divided into small sections, each section reflecting a diverse concept and yet coming together to form a harmonious amalgamation. 

Some years back I used to be what we say a ‘kattar nonvegetarian’, but with age I believe I have learnt to appreciate the subtlies that Vegetarian Food has to offer. TFC happens to be one of the best vegetarian places that I have had a chance to dine at in recent times.  

My evening began with Broccoli Cheese Momo and Hot Apple Tea. And it is called ‘Beginning with a Bang’ !! The Hot Apple Tea is one of the best items on their menu. As the name suggests it is a delicious concoction of Apple flavoured tea served with hint of cinnamon and lime. It’s sublime subtle taste is worthy of accolades. This is a must try.  

Broccoli Cheese Momo is a must,must try starter. The delicious amalgamation of cheese(un-healthy) and broccoli(healthy) is definitely what I say ‘The best of both Worlds’. The light momo skin, the soft, melt in your mouth texture, the green color – It’s an Experience!! I’m completely in love with this dish. Whenever I visit TFC I sit with some broccoli cheese momo and hot apple tea. 

 Then arrived the Chia Seed Health Mocktail(no added flavours/sugar) with Mini House-Made Nachos and Mocha Kabab. The Chia Seed Mocktail was a magenta coloured, slightly jelly-ish, tangy drink with lots of fresh fruits, especially strawberry. It was extremely refreshing and a definite must try.

The Mocha Kabab is another item on the menu that you shouldn’t give a miss. Bengali Mocha infused with in-house spices and coconut. The ‘hatke’ presentation made this dish look alluring and the kabab tatsed stupendous. It came with a Tamarind chutney dip that was so delicious that I ended up finishing the entire bowl on my own. There was also some green pudina cutney.

 The nachos is a good snacking option for all you hookah lovers. It came with a salsa & sour cream dip.

Then I indulged into some Stuffed Pomodro, Spaghetti Veg Bolognese and Lasuni Tikka Sizzler along with a tall glass of Black Forest Mocktail. Stuffed Pomodro is a healthy main course choice and it’s mild flavours separated it from other dishes of the evening. Veg Bolognese is the perfect main course for all Spaghetti lovers. It was delicious to the core and definitely a must try. It arrived in a beautiful blackish bowl and looked inviting.

 Tha Lasuni Tikka Sizzle was filling dish. It came with crunchy onion rings, assorted veggies is a spicy gravy, paneer lasuni tikka and herb rice. The paneer absolutely melted in my mouth creating a delightful mix with the assorted veggies and rice. This is a must try for sizzler lovers or paneer lovers. 

The Black Forest Mocktail was a deliciously think black forest flavoured chocolate based drinks with a twist of strawberry syrup. It was mind blowing!!!

Soon arrived the desserts. Blue berry Cheese, two surprise desserts – Mango Cheese Cake and Strawberry-Chocolate Cake. And this happened when they still didn’t have a fully functioning dessert section !! I’m a sweet tooth and I gorged into the desserts like they were the last meal of my life. The blue berry cheesecake melted in my mouth and created a delicious infusion. I couldn’t just stop at just a spoonful.

The mango cheesecake was totally different and I loved the fact that it was served with a portion of ‘kaccha aam’. It was tangy and less cheesy giving it a different avatar from conventional cheesecakes.

 The Strawberry-Chocolate Cake was the highlight of the evening. Made purely from dark chocolate and fresh strawberries the cake is worthy of accolades.

Then when I felt, I just couldn’t take in one more bite, the TFC Special Health Mocktail arrived. A perfect tangy drink to soothe the stomach and help in digestion. At TFC they say, ‘we give you the heavy , oily, chocolate-y stuff, but we give you an antidote aswell’. 😛

On another occasion I also got a chance to try their Fruit Hookah(Health Hookah). Now what’s that you ask??? Comparing to a conventional hookah – the water container is a watermelon, real watermelon juice in used place of water and a real orange is used in place of flavour. We always associate hookah with smoke and unhealthiness but this is kind of hookah that actually enriches your body!!! BIZZARE RIGHT ??? It’s an experience that you just cannot miss!! 

Everything were freshly made and had great quality.The staff are superb at their jobs. Special mention of Kaushik who is an astute manager and a killer with Mocktails. I thank the 5 partners – Varun Sethia, Navin Sethia, Mohit Kothari, Mudit Lunia, Varun Bahirwani for inviting me to this scintillating evening. 

This is one place I love to go back to because of their healthy hookah, broccoli cheese momo and hot apple tea.Wish the team of TFC all the very best for their future endeavours!!

P.S : TFC team, please come to South Kolkata soon, it needs your Momos. 😛

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