Rasoee Desi Kitchen : A rare concept 

Rasoee in Hindi means ‘Kitchen’. Extending the concept of Rasoee or Kitchen – where food is prepared, the team of Rasoee Desi Kitchen has come up with ‘Make your own Meal’. They have a few offerings and each kind of the offerings can be made in accordance to your pallet. With a variety of toppings(veg/nonveg), dips and sauces Rasoee will give you the liberty to make your dish just as tangy or sweet, healthy or unhealthy, light or heavy as you want them to be. This is a concept which is still a rarity in Kolkata; apart from Subways or a few fine dinners.

Rasoee is a small, No fuss No muss kind of eatery. They primary offer health food which tastes like pure indulgence. In a bloggers meet arranged at their premises I got a chance to try a few of their offerings.

The evening started with Ginger Lassi and Kashai. Ginger Lassi was – Oh boy!! so, so, so heavy and delicious. The mild flavour of ginger made a significant difference. The Kashai is a South Indian haldi based elixir(hot drink) that is meant to boost your immune system, help in digestion, etc etc the list goes on. While the Lassi was a burst of flavours the Kashai had a subtle consistent taste. I liked both because of their unconventionality.

I also got a chance to try their version of Churmur and Chicken Chat. I believe I’m a true blue Bengali and I like my Churmur’s in a specific ‘way’ and this wasn’t that ‘way’. This Churmur had too much of Aloo but the spices were optimum.

The chicken chat on the other hand was superb. The moment it appeared on my table I devoured it to my heart’s content. The quality is commendable. Chunks of chicken, some veggies, lots of papri, lot of dabi and optimum spices – HEAVENLY!!

I also tried the Chicken Roll(wrap). OMG !!!! It was gigantic!! At every step of preparing the roll I was asked what ingredients I would prefer. I added veggies, dips, sauces and chicken to my heart’s content and the concoction turned out to be stupendous. I could never have one entire roll on my own.

Rasoee is one place that I would love to return back to because of their low prices, huge quality and healthy offerings. Wish the team all the very best for their future endavours.

P.S : They have an open kitchen so you will be able to see how clean your food is, in actuality.

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5 thoughts on “Rasoee Desi Kitchen : A rare concept 

  1. Thank you for the review, Payel! It was great to have you over!:)
    We’re constantly innovating with the menu, and have added mint sikanjee and roti pockets to our menu. Do come back sometime!!

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