Fork & Knife : Breaking the fast

​Fork & Knife (Orion West Willows Hotel) has recently launched a new breakfast alacart menu for Kolkatans And I had the privilege to attend the Breakfast Launch.

 Here are 5 reasons to try it out .. 

1. Breakfasts parties are trending this winter. You maybe an early morning jogger, or maybe returning from a late night party, or just maybe someone with pre-going-to-work cravings, or a plain foodie.

2. You are bored of conventional breakfast options in the city.

3. The food is quirky, and a few of their signature dishes are a rarity in the city. Ever heard of a Romlette. Well, you will have to go there and find out.

4. You firmly believe – For Breakfast, eat like a King. 

5. And the fact is ‘Kings don’t Cook’.

Are you convinced? Well I wasn’t!! I’m generally a late riser and when Amit Bajoria(the owner) asked me attend a breakfast bloggers meet I did have second thoughts. But it was the perfect winter morning – a cloudless sky, there was a nip in the air and a some soothing sun rays to brighten the day !! I felt positive as soon as I stepped out. When I appeared at the restaurant there were a few other energetic bloggers and a sumptuous spread. The Bajorias – Amit & Swati were jumping all around the place making sure everything is alright, basically getting the party started. I began my morning with some skepticism but it soon turned into a memorable experience. 

We began our breakfast with some Scramble Vegetable on Toast – Fresh Carrots, Beans and other vegetables saute’d in butter & house special white sauce and garnished with Cheese. Talk of delicious and healthy. And what a visual delight with red, green, yellow and lots more.

Then arrived Corn on Toast which was a creamy early morning delight.

Talk of quirky and here they created Romlettes. Now what’s that ? Well it Roesti Omelette,Potato Roesti with fillings of exotic vegetables – a Vegetarian substitute for Non vegetarian omelette.  It’s not just quirky but quite delicious, healthy and extremely filling.A must try.

Cold Coffee – it was thick, frothy, lots of coffee. Just in sync. with the bitter-sweetness that my sleepless morning was turning out to be. A must try.

Kachori Platter  comprised of 8 club size kachoris, with 2 pcs each of 4 varieties – Club, Mutter, Hing & Besan. The Platter looked really cute. And i loved the club and Matt kachori. Everything was fresh and the Sabji (veg curry) was delectable.

Kanji Vada in Ganna ka Juice (Sugarcane juice). What an innovative idea. Regular Kanji Badass dipped in Sugarcane Juice. I love sugarcane juice and the fact that it’s mildly sweet. The combination stood out and I ended up eating bowls and bowls of it. A definite must try.

Banana Crepe – Frankly, I’m not a banana fan but the Crepe was interesting. I realty want to try the Apple Crepe on my next visit.

I also tried some Chocolate & Strawberry Milk Shakes. They looked colourful but I found them to be tad bit extra sweet. 

I ended my breakfast with some Blueberry and Chocolate Pancakes. Oh!!! And what an ending it was. They presentation itself made the Pancakes look very enticing and the pancakes were soft and well made and the toppings were DELICIOUS!! If you ever visit place the blueberry pancakes are a must try. It was the showstopper of the day.

Apart from the sumptuous Ala carte menu, they also have a buffet with items like Baked beans on Toast, Idli, Vada, Poha, Parathas, Chola Bhatura, Muffins is also available. The Ala Carte menu introduced today would also be available at CEDAR – The Banquet for Breakfast parties. 

Fork & Knife Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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