My Big Fat Belly : is it your belly’s worth ???

Located close to Hotel Samilton, this newly opened European Joint will surely grab your attention with its bright neon lights and catchy name. Inside, its a rather small 20 seater earery.

Giving the place a rugged look are some coarse walls with patchy artworks & posters , brightening up the place are some emulations of street lights, some bold wodden furniture, and a funky looking mocktail counter – everything together gives the place a trendy appeal.


The food was a mixed bag. But even before the food I must mention the service, it was quite excellent and special mention of Akarshh who attended each guest personally.

In drinks I ordered a peach iced tea and ginger-lemon mojito. While the mojito was delicious & refreshing with ginger & lemon in just the right proportion ; the peach tea was a let down as it was too bland for my taste buds.

wp-image-2071977512jpg.jpgEditComing to the food. I started with orange &watermelon salad with sweet chili dressing, it was suggested by Akarshh. This was primarily modified version of watermelon & feta with some added orange and sweet chili dressing. Personally, this dish didn’t do wonders for me. I liked it but not enough to go back for it. Simple Watermelon & Feta is more preferable for my pallet.

Then I had the Premereva Chicken Pasta(mixed sauce) . For the Premereva while the quality of ingredients were commendable I found the concoction in entirety to be a bit bland.

Finally arrived the Lamb Juicy Lucy Burger and it was worth every penny.I generally tend to find most burgers very under-moist and have to grab some water or soft drink to overcome it’s dryness. But this burger was worthy of its name; the patty was soft, juicy and and stupendous in taste. The toppings of onion rings, egg poach, veggies and gooey cheese just added to the simple perfection which was this burger.

The only high point of my evening was the burger. Frankly, I was expecting better. The prices were quite reasonable. Wish to try their pizzas next time. Till then, keep eating my fellow Foodies!!

My Big Fat Belly Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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