Burger You : My new found LOVE

Burger You is a small Burger joint in Kasba and frankly I have never ever been to the eatery myself. But my love for burgers, their mind blowing creations and the proximity to my place all persuades me to order from Burger You. I end up eating from this place at least twice every month.

All their burgers come with some potatoes wedges (expect them to be soggy) and a California Blush Dip(it’s thick, it’s creamy, it’s delicious). Expect yourself to be so filled that you may have to skip the next meal.

Here goes my top 5 from Burger You :
1. Simple Grilled Chicken Burger : Nothing superfluous. The big fat patty with cheese , mayo & grilled onions is my most ordered burger ever. It totally goes with the phrase ‘No one can eat just one’.

2. Morning Joe All Day Breakfast with Beef Patty : The extra poached egg & backed beans does the trick. I tend to order this only when I’m super hungry because it’s a tough job finishing the entire thing.

3. Pulled Pork BurgerΒ : The tender meat and the Bbq sauce is a great combination. A must try for Pork Lovers.

4. Bacon Bob Beef Burger : It’s Bacon, it’s Beef, it’s Pure Bliss. Be prepared to be over stuffed.

5. Texan Beef Burger : It’s another of my favorites because I love onion rings and the crunchy feel with the soft burger is a yummilicious combination.

Burger You Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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