Fajita Festival at Chili’s

As I boarded the elevator of South City Mall for my first ever Fajita Festival, my mind drifted to my first Fajita experience. Funnily, my first ever Fajita was also at a Chili’s outlet, the first outlet of Kolkata, at Quest Mall.It was years back, I still remember my best friend had come down from Germany and we were well, quite lit up ( if you catch my drift), and she ordered a Fajita saying ‘khey dekh na, amar khub priyo’. While skeptical at first fajitas grew to be one of my staples at Chili’s. And Chili’s grew to be my yardstick for fajitas in general. As I walked into South City Chili’s for a bloggers meet I thought to myself – ‘Today my journey of Fajitas completes a full cycle’.

Mr.Sakhya Sekhar Bhattacharjee cordially welcomed me in and I started my evening with some mocktails and cocktails. The Mango Yogurt Smoothie ,  Hawaiian Margarita and Molten Chunk were my instant favorites. The smoothie was thick and had the right blend of sweet & tangy. It was refreshing to the core. Also the Peach Fantasy requires special mention for its brilliant presentation and creamy texture.


Peach Fantasy

Put is some tequila, put in some pineapples and the fun tropical drink of Hawaiin Margarita is born. It was a delicious concoction.The Molten Chunk was a dense drink with rich chocolate & whipped cream. Being a chocolate lover this drink definitely hit the right spot.



The Blue Pacific Mocktail is a version of blue lagoon and it stood out with its distinctivly fizzy taste.


Blue Pacific

Moving on to the primary attraction of the evening. The FAJITASSea Food Fajita, Queso Fondido Fajita, Pepper Chicken Fajita and Sizzling Veg Fijita. Every fajita came with 8-9 varieties of addons. Well, I personally love Fajitas and Chili’s has always been one of favorite Fajita Stops. While many feel a little jittery at first because a lot of ‘combine it on you own’ goes into making fajitas; I love the very fact that every addon be it sour cream or sauces or salsa or veggies gives a suble change to the very same Fajita. So I grabbed my spoon and excitedly started on with making the final wrap.



The sea food fajita came with lots of prawn, fish, caramalized onions, a giant slightly burnt pepper and veggies.The sea food Fajita was a delicious wonder, being a total seafood fanatic this Fajita won my heart and soul.


Sea Food Fajita

The sizzing Veg Fajita came with a wide array of exotic veggies and add to that some soup cream – it was a delectable concoction.



Sizzling Veg Fajita

The Pepper Chicken Fajita was stupendous. Some awesome Pepper Grilled Chicken and add to that a generous helping of Molten Cheese and veggies – is is SUPER, or what ? Then you put this is a Fajita & add some salsa – ‘It’s SUPER seh bhi UPAR’ .



Pepper Chicken Fajita

Leaving the best for the last. The Queso Fondido Fajita was the showstopper of the evening. A portion of bullalo steak, a portion of chicken steak and lots of molten mozzerella. Frankly I love meat, all kinds of it. This Fajita was simple(nothing superfluous) with lots and lots and LOTs of delicious meat. I had to reorder this Fajita once again just so that I could satiate my carnivorous heart.



Queso Fondido Fajita

I ended my day with some Crunchy Chocolate Puff. It was a yummilious affair. And some puff with a delicious chocolate brownie inside, some vanilla ice cream and cholocate sauce. While a little dry I loved that fact that this dessert was crunchy and not to sweet.


Chunky Chocolate Puff

I had a lovely experience. Special mention of Ratan, our server for the evening, he was on jolly good fellow. Wish the team of Chili’s a great Fajita Festival!!

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