Crossroad Cafe : Trust me you will ‘cross their road’ more than once !!

A large number of cafes have mushroomed all across the city, completely challenging the motto of the CCDs and the Baristas – ‘mediocre food, higher than average prices and to compensate the mediocrity long sitting time’.  Even a decade back cafes were associated with the culture of ‘sitting with a drink’ where food wasn’t given much priority. But today small eateries like Crossroad Café have challenged this theory and motivated the café scene of Kolkata to undergo a complete transformation. Today food is as important in café as it is for a fine diner and there is no room for mediocrity. When it comes to food and its quality Crossroad Café can give many a fine dinners of the city a run for their money. Their strategic location at the crossing of Prince Anwarshah Road and Lake Gardens flyover, but far away from the maddening crown of South City just adds to their coveted status. Untitled.png

The café is a initiative of the Kajaria brothers – Vishal & Adarsh under the umbrella of Kajaria Gourmet LLP. They aim to serve great quality food at reasonable prices. I was invited for a Food Bloggers Meet at their quirky café. There were exemplary hosts, and I enjoyed their company thoroughly.  Special mention of the chef Mr. Subroto Chakraorty who manages to whip up a diversified list of blissful delicacies in a reasonable amount of time with a kitchen space of just 100 sq feet. Respect!! Their servers Subrajit and Tarif definitely stood out for their diligent nature, ability to combat all kinds of mishaps, and their ever smiling face. BeFunky Collage.jpg

With bright interiors, graphiti covered wall art, a bright yellow and black sign board, funky lights, and colorful furniture this café has a life of its own.

BeFunkbby Collage.jpg


Cheap prices

Great taste and quality



#FRUIT SANGRIA (mocktail)










#CARAMEL COLD COFFEE: A perfect blend of espresso and milk with a hint of caramel. It appeared in a quirky jar shaped container and tasted deliciously strong.

#HAZELNUT COLD COFFEE:  An iced blend of cold coffee with espresso, milk and hazelnut syrup. Add to that so chocolate sauce, and it’s a heartwarming concoction.

#IRISH COLD COFFEE: Simple cold coffee with Irish Flavor. I personally would have liked it more had the flavor been a little stronger.

DSC03  cc300.jpg

#MANGO PASSION TWIST (mocktail): A strong tangy drink made of mango, passion fruit juice & lime with a refreshingly mild minty flavor. The green apple garnish added some prettiness to this bright colored drink.

#DRINK OF THE MONTH (ORANGE MOJITO): Made out of freshly cut orange this drink was fruity and refreshing to the core. DSvvC03349.jpg

#BLUEBERRY MOJITO: A purple colored drink made of simple virgin mojito and some blueberries.

#FRUIT SANGRIA (mocktail): A fizzy and delicious concoction of cranberry juice, apple juice, lemon juice, and sangria syrup topped with fresh fruits like orange, kiwi, watermelon and soda. With a multitude of fruits in a giant jar this drink had many bright colors to offer. DSC03vcd348.jpg

#FLAVORED CAPPUCCINO: A creamy hot cappuccino with a hint hazelnut and  a subtle sweetness that will leave you wanting more.

#SPARKING ESPRESSO: Oh, what an innovation!! A mild sweetish drink made of espresso and believe it or not some watermelon and tonic water. It’s a flavor that I have never had before. Simply brilliant! DSCzz03324.jpg


#CAESAR SALAD: A typical Caesar Salad with slow cooked chicken breasts and served with garlic croutons. While I had my reservations about the taste of the chicken piece I loved the salad dressing in general.

#ROASTED CHICKEN SALAD: A tangy, fresh salad of roasted chicken, apricot, coriander, lettuce, sun dried tomatoes and red cabbage.



The omelets’ of Crossroad Café are  complete meals on their own. They come with corn relish, herb potato, whole wheat bread & butter.

#MUSHROOM AND CHEDDAR: Double egg omelet with lots of cheddar cheese & mushroom stuffing that will surely make you want to order for another helping. The egg , the mushroom and cheese – PLAIN PERFECTION !

#CHICKEN & CORIANDER: Double egg omelet stuffed with lots and lots of chicken and coriander. Another omelet that turned out to be a foodgasmic experience. DSC0cxzddd3356


#THAI SPICY CRISPY FISH: A delicious dish – Fish tossed in hot basil sauce and served with side salad.

#HARISHA CHICKEN SKEWERS: The sauce was very spicy and the skewers well marinated. It was a perfect blend.

#CAJUN SPICY CHICKEN WINGS: Chicken wings tossed in barbecue sauce and garnished with sesame seeds. DSC03vvv326


Tortilla wrapped with chicken, refried beans, Mexican rice, pickled jalapenos, lettuce & cheese.

#CHICKEN CLASSIC BURRITO: Here the chicken was roasted chicken.

#PICANTE BURRITO: Here the chicken was grilled chipotle chicken.

Both the burritos were big in size and tasted conventional. DSC03cxzasdg384.jpg


#FISH BURGER: A thin fish patty with mustard sauce, cheddar cheese, astonishingly crispy onion rings, and an egg. This was served with French fries. OHHHHHHHHH!!!!! A mightily foodilicious experience that has left a mark in my memory. DSC0339vcdsah3.jpg


#SMOKED CHILI CHICKEN: Chicken in smoked chili sauce, melted mozzarella served in garlic bread with French fries. Taste was exotic. HEAVENNNNNNNNNNN and more!!


PIZZA CHIPOTLE CHICKEN: Chicken tossed in chipotle sauce and add to that some fresh bell pepper, roasted corn & fresh cilantro – yuuummmyyyy !!! DSC0vcsaf3410.jpg


#GRILLED FISH WITH STIR FRIED VEGGIES: This dish looked very alluring with its dynamic presentation. Grilled fish, stir fried veggies, served in crispy pastry basket with caper lime sauce & herds. This was served with garlic bread. I complete meal that was yummilicious to its core.

#CHICKEN BITTEN STEAK: This was more of risotto and less of steak, but the taste was good. Well marinated thin chicken steak, served with arborio risotto rice and sweet potato straws. DSC0cxzasfg3411.jpg

#PANKO FRIED FISH: This was a GASTRONOMIC experience!!! Perfectly crispy fried fish served with mango and tartar sauce. One of the show stoppers of the evening with its flawless marination, thin coating and a juicy fish inside. Well, even when I sit to write about it, I’m hungry!!!! DSCcxsaa03407.jpg


#YOGURT SMOOTHIE: It looked marvelous in an Irish glass , a blueberry lassi topped with crunchies and fruits. I would have liked it more had the lassi been a little thicker.

#CHOCOLATE MUD-PIE: A mildly sweetish chocolate cake topped with a thick layer of chocolate sauce. This dish was nice.

#MONTECARLO CHOCOLATE:: A frozen chocolate dessert served with chocolate sticks. A delicious ending! A memorable ending! DSvcdagC03424.jpg

I had a lovely experience at the Crossroad Café. Here is wishing them all the very best for the future. And P.S : May your omelets stay just the way it is. 😛

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