The Cake Counter: Deserted with Desserts!!

A plethoara of Home Bakers have come up in Kolkata in the last couple of years. Recently opened Suchantika Dey’sย Cake Counter is fighting the battle of ‘desserts’ in Kolkata’s Bakery Battle. Suchantika left her job and took up home baking as a profession in the last few months. With one eye on the horizon and one on her oven she is galloping forward.

I was invited for a Food Bloggers Dessert Tasting Event at Suchantika’s apartment in Satoshpur, Kolkata. My title is ‘Deserted with Desserts’ because at one point of time I was sitting alone on a table with a myriad of desserts that could have feed a small battalion. The feeling was blissful!! ๐Ÿ˜›



#Cakes are very professional looking

#Great raw material

#Next day delivery


#Mango Cheese Cake

#Oreo Nutella

#Irish Cake

My experience was a mixed bag, here is an account of it.

#Mango Cheese Cake:

Big pieces of a perfectly made cheesecake with a mild mango sauce on top. What a way to start- SHOW STOPPER ALERT!! Personally I’m extremely fond of cheesecake and I simple loved this one – it was consistent yet soft, not too sweet and with a mild yellow color it looked very alluring even from afar. DSC03011

#Oreo Nutella Mousse Cake:

Though I’m not too fond of Oreo Biscuits I loved this mousse cake. The mousse was perfectly done, the cake base was soft. I liked the fact that it was not too sweet, and the oreo blended well with the mousse. A very delectable combination. DSC03025

#Red Velvet Cheese Cake :

Well, it look plain woooooww with white cream cheese as frosting and a bloddy-red-velvet cake inside!! From the moment it was set on the table I had my eye on it. I would have liked it more had the cream cheese frosting been a little more sweeter. I suggested her that this can turn into a real master piece with a little tweaking of the frosting. DSC03045

#Lemon Tarts:

Loved the tangy lemon curd filling, it was thinner than the ones we taste at everyday bakeries and tastier too. But the base was slightly soggy. This will be a real winner, if she works upon the base. DSC03017

#Walnut Brownie(eggless):

I liked the fact that it had lots of walnut and it’s a great option for vegetarians. I’m hoping to try this some day with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. DSC03033

#Ferraro Rocher Truffle Cake :

A solid dark chocolate cake with dark truffle sauce and Ferrero Rocher toppings.All dark or bitter chocolate lovers, this one is for you because it was a really bitter, I would have liked it more had it had little sweetish touch. It was a visual delight. DSC03023

#Irish Cake:

This is what I call ending with a bang!! With a great presentation and delicious taste this cake won my heart. Made with Irish Whisky this cake tasted perfect.The thin chocolate disks and whisky-cream toppings just created a heavenly concoction. DSC03006

Wishing Suchantika all the very best in all her ventures, I hope she reaches great heights!

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