Dosa @ Twist: A Foodies Adventure

I’m a person of QUIRKY food; strange concoctions or bizarre fusions have always allured me. Dosa Twist with its concept of non-veg dosas had peeked my interest since its inception, I finally got a chance to try their food.

Dear Readers, if the concept intrigues you, then the food will definitely blow your mind!! This place is hands down the best dosa joint in the city. Well, you can’t blame me, I’m a non-veg lover and a fan of innovative recipes!!

WARNINGS: Do not expect the typical ‘Madrasi’ taste that you get at all the run-of-the-mill dosa places in the city. Go with an open mind.

BeFunky Collage

Dosa Twist is strategically located at Deshopriyo Park More, beside Zeeshan. One may miss it cause the signboard is too small and insignificant looking.I was a little skeptical about the cleanliness, because the entrance is very shabby , unclean and encroached upon by Zeeshan and other shops of the area. Once we walked in and got seated I was quite happy – everything was clean, and well-organized. The restaurant is basically the ground floor of a house converted into an eatery. The sitting area comprised of two rooms and can fit about 25-30 odd people. Walls adored with paintings, wot furniture – the decor frankly didn’t impress me. Well, that was the only unimpressive part of my afternoon.


I was starving, so I ordered Chicken Cheese Masala Dosa and Egg Cheese Plain Dosa. Even before I start talking about the food I must take this opportunity to mention that my server was very diligent & courteous. I never had to ask for chatni or sambar, he was always ready with them even before I could finish my bowl.

Moonmoon, the owner was welcoming, friendly and informative at the same time. I had a chat with her about the place and she told me that it was her friend Subhadeep Chowdhury’s concept. He liked dosas and he liked non-veg – put them together you get Dosa Twist. He was the one who created the menu, trained the staff and brought to Kolkata it’s first non-veg dosa joint!! DSC02790


I started with Chicken Cheese Masala Dosa. The size of the dosa was smaller than the ones we normally get at most joints in the city. But it was sooooo filling. A mid-sized dosa coated with masala & stuffed with lots of chicken keema intertwined perfectly with cheese – so when you break a portion stringy cheese starts coming out(like that of pizzas). The dosa came with 3 kinds of chatni: pudina, coconut, onion. And wowwww, the taste- the dosa , the masala, the chatnis, everything was plain perfect. The first bite really transported me to another world.The cheesy-meaty combination, a crumb of masala coated dosa, and some chatni – I was captivated by its taste. It was something that i had never experienced before – the dosa was not only quirky but delicious and of admirable quality at the same time. And the best part was that Dosa Twist was generous with the keema & cheese stuffing. By the end of it, event though I had only half of the dosa I was totally full. But my heart wanted more!!

DSC02  vv783

So even though my tummy was satiated, to fulfill the desires of my heart I ordered the plain egg cheese dosa. And this was equally mind blowing. A plain dosa coated with a thick layer of egg, followed by a layer of cheese.The egg was soft, the dosa was astonishingly crunchy and the cheese was soft and stringy – PURE BLISS!!! Even after a few days I stillΒ  cannot decide which dosa was the better one, they were both stupendous. DSC02cc800

Moonmoon wanted us to explore the chocolate dosa, but by this time my stomach was telling me – ‘I WILL EXPLODE’ , so I stopped my food adventure (and I say adventure because every dish is unexpected, weird and enigmatic). I will surely update my blog once I try the chocolate dosa, but I couldn’t wait that long to share my euphoric experience!! Cheers!!

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      1. It was in Karachi a top rest at sea view, three months lines were outside had problems with partner now Burger King is there anyway that was my love with aloo dosas and still is


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