Reflexion(Majestic Suits): Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all ?

When I read Reflexion, the first thing that comes to my mind are mirrors!!

‘Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who is the Fairest of them all? ‘ – A famous quote from Snow White

With outstanding hospitality, a spellbinding ambiance and an eclectic combination of exquisite world cuisine, Reflextion has become a front runner for ‘the fairest of them all’ spot in no time!!

Do you remember that feeling, when you walk into a place and your JAWS JUST DROP? For a few seconds you are SPEECHLESS?  It MESMERIZES you in a way that you are just transported to another world; a world of perfection!! It CAPTIVATES you in a way that everything else seizes to exist!! An AWE-INSPIRING moment!! Well my first few seconds inside Majestic Suits was just that, it was a mesmerizing, captivating and awe-inspiring!!

BeFunky Collagedfg

I attended a Food Bloggers Meet at REFLEXION, The Majestic Suit on a Saturday evening. An entire evening was planned for us; it included a lavish spread, a tour of the entire property and a heartwarming, interactive session with the owners Punit Lundia and Akshita Chamaria Lundia. To begin with, Majestic Suits is located at Raigachi, Rajarhat right beside Green Heights Complex.  As I walked in I was enamored of the Majestic Suits property. Majestic Suits advocates that they are a unique business lifestyle hotel that caters comprehensive needs of families and business travelers; with Valet Parking, 24Hour Surveillance, Gym, Pool, Community Halls, Fax & Photo Copy Service, Lavish Rooms & Banquets with world class amenities they have lived up to their word. A Special mention of their Banquet Halls, these have gained popularity in no time for marriage receptions and office conferences. Away from the cacophony of the city, but just 7 Km from the airport, it is distinguished by its innovative and modern lifestyle trends. sfhkkllll-small

The entrance has a warm, golden glow with elaborate carved walls and ceiling art and fancy lamps; it exuberated lavishes. Reflextion Restaurant is at the left of the entrance, on the ground floor. Aptly suiting its name, the beautiful and intricate glass work gave the place a reflective dimension. The area is lavishly done with modernized furniture which is both comfortable and chic & private rooms elaborate sofas and marbled tables. The artistic wood work, the sophisticated golden lights, and the perfect color balance between white-golden-brown engulfed me in a sense of luxury and panache.

BeFunky Collagenew

Undoubtedly the décor was mesmerizing. But the ‘MAJESTIC’ appeal of Majestic Suits doesn’t end only at décor. They promise to make your holistic experience a ‘MAJESTIC’ one!! And they completely lived up to it!  Mr. Kaushik Karmakar, the operations manager showed us around the property – rooms, banquets, terrace area, pool, etc and peeked our interest with hotel fact. He was an informative man. Mr. Subhasish Das is the F&B Manager, and the mentor for the entire team of Stewards. While I have come across a few efficient managers not many do it as effortlessly as Mr.Das. He is friendly, attentive, warm, quick with decisions, engaging and well the list continues. But it is this man who took my experience from good to plain WOW!! He and his team of stewards were plain perfect. Even five starts do not have this kind of efficiency when it comes to service. Punit and Akshita are the quintessential hosts, their warmth is contagious. We engaged in a heartwarming, interactive session. Humility, geniality, humorous are a few adjectives that is apt for this fantastic duo. Their entire team of Majestic Suits was so affable, affectionate and gracious that they have now become my yardstick when it comes to hospitality.

Now it’s time to talk about the food. The special menu that was curated for us was gigantic. This gave me an opportunity to understand the culinary diversity that Reflexion is capable of offering, and also  satiate the hungry soul within myself.


#Apple Mojito:  An old school mojito with an apple twist. Everything about this drink was refreshing, yet there was a subtlety about it. A truly brilliant start! This is a  must try.

majestic suits 1

#Jamaican Night Out: The right combination of milk, chocolate, coffee gave the drink a rich flavor. Add to that a cinnamon twist and what you get is pure bliss. The Kit-Kat garnish satiated the child in me that craves for chocolate.

#Spicy Mango Delight: I like uncommon mocktails, and this was one such drink. A spiced combination of un-ripped mango and green chilies gave the drink a sourly-spicy-hot. That fact that this was a non-sweet drink made it stand out. It became my favorite in no time. A must try.


#Pineapple Mojito: With a strong flavor to offer, this drink was different from the other mojito that we tried before. The presentation was pretty.  A yummilicious drink and one of my favorites of the evening.

#Watermelon Juice: A low sugar, pure watermelon juice. The perfect fit for all health fanatics. It’s also a brilliant pallet cleanser and can be introduced between two different kinds of cuisine.

CollageImag vve


#Stuffed Aloo: A grand beginning – potatos stuffed with minced paneer, veggies and cooked in clay oven. The presentation, the taste, the aroma truly exquisite.


#Nawabi Kumbh: Mushroom cooked with in-house spices in a tandoor. The nawabi flare to this dish was just perfect – Mushroom being my favorite, this dish was definitely one of the high-points of the evening!

#Kasturi Kebab: Keeping up with the nawabi flare kasturi kabab came next – chicken marinated with kasturi methi, cashew paste, cheese, and other indian spices and cooked on a tandoor. It was big sized kabab; it was soft, well marinated and simply melted in my mouth. A must try.

BeFunky Collage22

#Crispy Chili Babycorn : Crispy, Fresh, Yummy a few adjectives for the classic dish! A must try.

#Mutton Pasinda Kabab: Boneless mutton marinated in chopped coriander and chef special spices.A truly delicious delicacy.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

#Golden Fried Prawn: Fresh prawn fried with a thick coating of batter and served with sweet chili sauce. A perfect transition from our nawabi-ana starters. The prawns were fresh & well-cooked. Presentation plain Wow! A must try.


#Sanfrancisco Veg Roll: The veg rolls were a prefect blend of minced corn, spinach and cheese; it was deep fried with a coating of chili flakes and came with a helping of mushroom sauce . While the coating was slightly on the thicker end, the taste and presentation were top notch.

#Cantonese Fried Chicken:Sliced chicken with a thin bread-crumb coating and came with a helping of hot garlic sauce. It’s crunchy, yet juicy appeal was captivating; definitely one of my favorites of the evening. A must try.

#Thai Chicken Smoked Style: Chicken marinated in Thai spices and smoked. With a hint of lemon grass this dish was another ideal starter; the peanut butter sauce that came with it just added on to the flavor.

#Fish Finger: 6 big sized fish fingers came with a serving of tartar sauce. Another classic which deserves accolade. BeFunky Collage111.jpg


#Palak Shorba: A thick, creamy shorba that won my heart with its grand taste. A must try.

#Veg TomSom Soup: Coconut based Thai Soup. With a strong falvour of lemongrass with a multitude of veggies, this dish was topnotch. This was my favorite soup on the evening, and it is another must try.

#Mutton Nihari Shorba: Mutton bone marrow slow cooked – a true nawabi delicacy. Its was delicious to its core.

BeFunky Collage  bb.jpg


#Dal Makhani: They have done justice to the typical punjabi dal. It was creamy, aromatic indulgence. A must try.13262393_10206703153197207_1854667976_o


#Nargis Kofta: Kofta(minced paneer & veggies) cooked in a sweetish, mild white gravy. I was engulfed by its richness in taste. Another must try.


#Methi Matar Malai: A perfect vegetarian dish with peas cooked in methi and cream.It was an yummilicious preparation.

#Murgh Lajawaab: A sweetish chicken preparation in secret spices of the chef. the chicken was succulent and tasted ,marvelous. A must try.



#Chicken Steak: Chicken breasts stuffed with capsicum, onion, bell pepper , grilled and served with veloute sauce. A delicious preparation and beautiful presentation.

#Fish Begum Bahar: A delicious bhetki preparation in rice saffron gravy.


#Kang Karee: A stupendous preparation of chicken in thai yellow curry. The subtle flavor of lemon grass this dish was a hit!

#Kameng Khai Wan: Basil flavored thai green curry with zuccini, bell pepper, mushrooms. A worthy choice if you are a vegetarian.

BeFunky Collageaaa

#Mandarin Fish: A nice preparation of fish with citrus-y Mandarin sauce.

#Malabari Jhinga Curry: A yellow creamy coconut milk gravy with mid-sized fresh prawns . This was the show stopper of the evening! It was delectable beyond words. A must, must try!


#Roasted Chicken: A WHOLE chicken marinated in chef special recipe diced vegetables and mashed potato. I was just aghast by the size of this dish., it was plain HUGEEEE- well so I had to take a picture with it 😛 I lovely preparation, palatable to its core. A must try.


#Mutton Hyderabadi Biryani: OOOHHHH GOD!! This is one of the best Biryani’s I have had in the city!! The mutton was well-cooked, the rice had the right amount of fragrance(not to much, like most places) and spices. This was the second show stopper of the evening. A must, must try.


#Tandoori Bread Basket: An assortment of masala kulcha, laccha paratha, butter naan. YThe breads were well made.

#Hunam Vegetable with Veg Fried Rice: Veggies like mushroom, carrot, onion, broccoli, beans, baby-corn cooked in soya garlic sauce, spiced with dry chilies and topped with wine. A delectable creation.



#Fried Ice Cream: Vanilla Ice cream with a thick coating on dough with a coconut twist. It tasted nice.

#Caramel Custard: It looked enticing from even afar. I block of custard topped with caramel. A pure indulgence.

#Darshan with Butterscotch Ice-cream: Crispy fried noodles wih honey and butter-scotch ice cream. Another classic dessert.


While leaving we were bid goodbye with caramelized Pan and Toffees. They made sure that every moment at Majestic Suits is plain “MAJESTIC”!! I sincerely thank Punit and Akshita for this stupendous experience! I wish the team of Majestic Suits all the very best for the future! May they reach pinnacles of success!

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21 thoughts on “Reflexion(Majestic Suits): Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all ?

  1. Actually for quite sometime i follow your review in Zomato n today just got the link of your blog from the review of hanglaatherium , gariahat…. and damn i was astonished reading your reviews and your bio. How the hell you manage your professional world and your passion in such an undisputed manner? Incredible, will keep coming back to you for your suggestions, so that i can also implement somewhat in my life. Keep the good work up and thanks again dear. Take care. 🙂

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      1. I hope we guys will b frnds soon so no formalities in between frnds. N u don’t need to b honoured cozy it’s what u do n what I spoke my heart. Will keep coming bk to u for the golden tips to manage corporate lyf n passion. Tk care. Swarnabha

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  2. One of the worst place to stay. There was no water on 1st Jan 2017. No breakfast available at 8am. After 2 hours of wait we had to leave without taking bath and breakfast. No water previous day as well. Very tough time with 2 kids.

    The manager had no shame to write on my invoice that the guest couldn’t take bath as there was no water and also the breakfast was not ready by 8am but we need the payment in full. Let me know if anyone wants to see the invoice and comments. My email address is

    Shouldn’t be more than 2 star hotel with 1 star service. Please avoid.


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