Noodle Hub : Every Food has a Story to Say

Do you remember that eatery which you call it your own find? Maybe you chanced upon it while taking a stroll with a friend? Or it was you shelter on a rainy afternoon? Or just an experiment after you have been thoroughly bored with the BarBQs and Mainland Chinas of the city? And after a breath taking experience, you have badgered all your friends till they have tried this place; and now they have accepted your ideology and call you its brand ambassador? And whoever new you meet and end up talking about food, you always suggest this place? While no one has heard of this place, you can’t stop talking about it after your chanced-experience? Well this is what happened to me when I was invited for a Bloggers Meet with a group foodies to Noodle Hub!! If you know what this feeling is, I’m sure you are on you way there and just browsing through my blog to see what to eat. ๐Ÿ˜› If you have never had this experience, then just trust me – get up, go, eat at Noodle Hub and that’s all you will be talking about the next few weeks!!


Tucked away in a far corner of Kolkata, Noodle Hub is a true FIND! I started off and after a lot of twists and turns, traffic jams,stopping people on en-route to ask the way, GPS confusions resulting in low battery; I reached more than an hour later. Noodle Hub surpassed all my expectations, from food to decor everything was impeccable. Frankly I was expecting it to be a small eatery with nothing special to offer, but now it has become one of my favorite Pan-Asian joints in the city. It was a two story restaurant, how many even big brand names have that? The place is huge! With ornamented wallpaper in white and red, Chinese posters,wall hangings, beautifully sculptured hanging lights, An elegant stairway, bold wooden furniture, & paintings of buddha this place looked sober and enigmatic. I was invited for a Food Bloggers Meet at Noodle Hub. The Owner, Sanjoy Roy and his associate Dipanjan Ghosh where the perfect hosts and when we got to chatting, I learnt so much from them about Pan-Asian delicacies. It was a lovely experience.


Reasons To Visit:

Exquisite Food

Cheap Prices

Bored of Run-Of-The-Mill Chinese? – This is the place for you

Must Haves:

I cannot pick a few, because everything that I had was purellyyyyy delicious!! Try anything from below and you will not be let down!!

We started our foodathon with Fresh-Lime-Soda (salted). It s was nice and refreshing. Then Prawn Hargaon & Chicken Sui Mai came. Both came with an helping of a Garlic-Chili-Tomato Sauce. The Prawn Hargaon was basically a version of prawn momo, it had lots of minced, fresh prawn and tasted yummilicious! The Chicken Sui Mai was primarily chicken dumplings, it too had lots of stuffing. The dumplings and momos were a grand beginning to a grand feast !! There were hands down one of the best I had, had in a long long time. The meat was fresh, juicy, well marinated, basically everything that one can hope and dream for!!



Then Gai Shai Takrai came, it was a fried chickenย  starter with lots of lemon grass, chilies, onions & garlic. This was a the show stopper of the evening!! The portion was huge, the flavors were just perfect and the taste was plain mind blowing. I loved it!! While I was still trying to scrap of any remains from the bowl of Gai Shai Takrai, the Chicken Khao Suey arrived. THIS IS THE BEST KHAO SUEY I HAVE EVER HAD!!! The presentation was beautiful, with small bowls of chopped chilies, coriander leaves, lemon, burnt garlic, spring onion, golden fried onion, crispy rice and a giant sized bowl of the main Khao Suey. The Khao Suey was plain heavenly! With the first mouthful I was captivated by its rich, yet sweetish and nutty flavor. If you are ever here, this dish is a must try!


BeFunnnky Collage.jpg

The came Plain Rice and Thai Green Curry. The green curry was PERFECT!! It was rich & creamy, with the right amount of lemon grass, coconut milk, chicken strips and mushroom!! OHHH!! I love Thai food and this was plain ecstasy!!


Malaysian Noodles arrived soon. Its primarily a version of Pad Thai. It was quite delicious, though I would have liked some more prominent flavors in it. With the noodles, we were served Prawn in Hunan Sauce, Pakchoy in Oyster Sauce, Roasted Pork in Orange, Sauce Sliced Fish with Green and Garlic. The prawn came in a red spicy sauce, the pieces were huge, another addition to the lovely dinner that I was having. As the evening passed my experience went from good to great to plain WOOOWWW!! The Pakchoy in Oyster Sauce was exquisite. This dish is mainly Chinese Cabbage (Pockchoy) and Mushroom with other veggies in a black oyster sauce. It’s subtle, fresh flavors simply engulfed me!! The Roasted Port in Orange Sauce was spicy and tasted very different from the others!! This dish was very palatable and I was left licking the spoon. OHH MY!! WHAT AN ENDING – The Sliced Fish with Green and Garlic wasย  perfection personified. This white gravy dish came with lots of fresh veggies like bell pepper, broccoli, pakchoy among others. ย 111BeFunky Collage222BeFunky Collage


For desserts we had, Thai Mango Pudding and Chocolate Wanton. The pudding was very innovative, and had a sour-y fresh taste. Theย  wantons had fresh baked brownie stuffing and garnished with chocolate sauce. They were yummmiliciousss!! BeFunky h Collage

This Pan-Asian Casual Dinning won my heart and soul. I Thank Sanjoy for this lovely experience and wish the Team of Noodle Hub all the very best for the Future!!

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