Express Le Coffee : The ‘Express’ cafe with so much to ‘Express’

What do you expect from an express eatery? Sloppy food? Sloppy interiors? Sloppy utensils? Sloppy cleanliness? Basically everything sloppy, with just fast service? If that’s what your expecting, then Express Le Coffee will surprise you at every turn of your foodathon!! When I was invited for a Food Bloggers Meet at this cafe; I was also expecting it to be a quintessential express eatery, but to my surprise it had so, so much to offer !! While it can boast of the only good feature of any EXPRESS eatery, it’s fast service; it has a thousand more aspects that EXPRESSES it self in the most unexpected ways. From decor, to presentation,to quality, to service, to taste everything was an expression of sheer perfection.

New Market has been in a dire need of a cafe for a long, long time. The dearth of modernized eateries forces shoppers to scatter towards Park Street or Sudder Street, etc, in search of food, or a place to hang out. Express Le Coffee located in the heart of new market, just beside Blue and Beyond fulfills this very necessity. It looks tempting form outside with its neon orange, red, blue color sign board, and the colorful menu posted outside. Every table has a napkin holder that can be also used to call the waiter; what a Bright idea ! The white walls, the frilly curtains, the bold and colorful posters, wooden furniture, open kitchen gave the place an European Cafe flare. The cafe is separated into two sections, the interior part is also the hookah section. The outer part is primarily the cafe section with a large glassed wall, giving the place a bright touch. The inner section also has a small wash-basin, which makes it handy for all customers. The place is small, but the ambiance is welcoming.  Chef Raju, was our Chef for the afternoon. He is a jolly man, who is prompt in the kitchen and is an excellent cook. The manager Kasif, was welcoming and well versed with the menu, he even knew the ingredients! I was pleased with their hospitality and their gourmet collection of continental cuisine. Being a gastronome, I’m always on the look out for palatable food; and Express Le Coffee just satiated my desire for the same!


Good quality continental food

Cheap prices

One of a kind in New Market Area


Mexican Chicken Nachos


Crispy Fish with Tartar Sauce


Golden Fried Chicken with BBQ Sauce


Chicken Cheesy Blast Pasta


#Mocktails :

  • Lime Mijoto: This green colored drink constituting of soda, had a strong mint and lemon flavor.
  • Naughty Lime: This is primarily masala coldrink with a funky name. It tasted fresh.
  • Hawaiian Cooler: This is a version of virgin mojito. It was fizzy and tasted delicious.
  • Italian Itch: Primarily made of Mango extract, Orange extract and Vanilla Icecream, this drink was one of the best mocktails of the afternoon. It was creamy, fresh and delectable.
  • Cold Coffee: This had a strong coffee flavor. It was rich and creamy. Frankly I loved it.


#Mains :

  • Russian Salad : This was a white colored, rich, creamy looking salad. It had lots of veggies: cucumber, green peas, carrot, beans, letus leaves, wild potato, apple and roasted chicken. I found it refreshing, yet filling and delicious. DSC01107
  • Mexican Chicken Nachos : This was one of my favorites of the afternoon. It comprised of tortilla chips, topped with chicken, cheese, olives, chili flakes. It came with three kinds of dip : Roasted Tomato Salsa / Spicy Deep Fried Beans / Cheese . The entire concoction was just mind blowing. The tortillas didn’t lose their consistency and the chips tasted crunchy. I practically consumed the largest portion of this platter. I simply love combination of the crispy chips with the chicken and the sauces. DSC01117
  • Crispy Fish with Tartar Sauce : This was another high point of the afternoon. This dish comprised of 5 pieces of fish deep fried with a coating of bread crumb and garnished with onion and bell pepper. The combination of the crispy fish with the tartar sauce was just plain perfect. The coating of the fish was just right and it was yummiliciously crispy but not oily atall. The suace was creamyyyyy. I loved this dish. DSC01126
  • Crispy Chicken with BBQ Sauce : This was another deep fried preparation that blew my mind. It comprised of 5 pieces of chicken deep fried with a coating of bread crumb and garnished with onion and bell pepper. Though the coating for the crispy fish and crispy chicken were similar the sauces made all the difference. The BBQ sauce with its tangy flavor was just right for the chicken. A truly palatable dish.DSC01131
  • Golden Fried Chicken with BBQ Sauce : How do you re-blow a mind that is pre-blown? Well try this dish and you will know ! This dish comprised of four square shaped deep fried bread pieces with a chicken mix inside. It had a beautiful edible presentation with beetroot, carrot and bell pepper. And my mind is re-blown! a
  • Chicken Cheesy Blast Pasta : This came with a portion of a crispy garlic bread and some oregano flakes. This was so rich and creammmyyyyy that it melted in my mouth the moment I put it in. With healthy portion of Chicken, Capsicum, Bell Pepper and lots, and lots, and lots and lots, lots, lots more of cheese this dish was plain heavenly. And now my mind is re-re-blow! DSC01148
  • Chicken Alakieve : It came with some herb rice, stir fried veggies, potato wedges and lemon butter sauce. The herb rice was truly delicious ( unlike most places that boast a herb rice and then give a bland rice) . I was very pleased with this dish. It was a complete meal and every item was perfectly cooked. The lemon butter sauce given especially for the herb rice was itself quite palatable. The potato wedges were crunchy and the veggies were fresh. The alakieve was just perfect. When i dissected it, lots of butter came out and got mixed with my rice, and hence increasing the flavors. The alakieve was juicy and fired to perfection. It tasted good. hak
  • Chicken Cheese Paratha and Aloo Paratha (with Dahi and Achar) : By this time I was filled and was actallu scolding myself for eating so much. But when the paratha arrived I could resists and tried small pieces of both the kinds. Both the parathas had good filling. Especially, the chicken cheese paratha was very, very delicious.DSC01178DSC01177

I had a wonderful experience at Express Le Coffee! I wish the team all the very best for the future and thank them for the invitation !
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