Eagle Boys Pizza: Welcome the Aussies in Town


Do you remember that advertisement of Barcardi – ‘Sipping in Barcardi Rum’? The golden beach, mild sunlight, sea waves, rapturous youngsters, music, fun and frolic it depicted? When I was young, somehow in my mind I always thought the beach to be an Australia beach (not sure why, maybe because it was the furthest my little mind could fathom). And while seeing the ad, I have day dreamed more than once, about sitting on those very beaches and ravishing an authentic Australian pizza; rather than the packaged drinking water that the ad depicted (well my little mind didn’t get the rest 😉 ).Now in Kolkata’s sultry weather, scorching heat & lack of rain; this dream seems afar. But even in this cloudless sky, there is a silver lining; now Kolkata has AUTHENTIC AUSTRALIAN PIZZA. You can sit at your homes, turn on the air conditioner in full blast and enjoy the authentic flavors of Australia. Eagle Boys Pizza, Australia’s third largest pizza brand promises you that, and much, much more!imageedit_4_8025773152

With already successful branches in Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai; Eagle Boys is currently the hottest pizza place in town. Tucked away in a by-lane of ruby, Eagle Boys Pizza is a tad hard to find. I had to take a lot of twists and turns before I could reach the place through a remarkably tiny lane beginning at Hotel Sheldon. As I entered, I found a group of foreigners seated at a corner and I realized how people who aren’t even well versed with the area are willing to travel for a trusted brand name. I was invited for a Bloggers Meet, with a group of foodies for an afternoon of food tasting. As I entered I was greeted by Anthony Tapas Dutta, who is the Restaurant General Manager at Eagle Boys Pizza, Kolkata. Soon after Mr. Chattaraj, the owner entered and we had an elaborate conversation from pizza’s to holidays to Europe to restaurant service and lot more. Both of them were really pleasant and nice to us. Mr. Chattaraj also joined us for lunch, but turned out to be an abstemious eater (especially in front of gluttons like me). 😛


Reasons to Visit:

Pizza flavors are different from the ones that we commonly have in Kolkata

Lots of toppings (Unlike Dominos)

Myriad of choices/flavors

Must Haves:

 Aussies Favorite Veggies







Chicken Extravaganza


Peri Peri Pizza


Brownie with Chocolate Sauce


We started our lunch-a-thon with Twisted Sheek Kabab Roll. With twisted outer spiral coating of mainly flour and a juicy sheek kabab inside, this dish was a good start. The presentation was nice, and it tasted well. We were all served chilled soft drinks as per our preferences.


Then came the cheesy garlic scroll(veg) and spicy cheesy scroll(veg). With a thick baked outside and stringy, molten-y cheese inside, the scrolls were delectable. The Garlic Scroll had a strong garlic flavor that blended well with the bread and extra-extra cheese inside. The spicy cheesy roll had a few veggies, some chili flakes, and lots and lots of cheese. The spicy cheesy scroll was reallyyyyyyy yummmmmiiiilicoius. imageedit_13_7223884157

The pizza’s started coming one after the other, and well they never stopped until we were holding our stomachs out of overeating and asking for mercy.  First the Veg Mexicana (Thin Crust) Pizza arrived. The crust was crunchy and the toppings were optimum. The pizza was topped with lots of Mozzarella Cheese, healthy portions of Tomatoes, Jalapenos, Capsicum, Onion, and Paprika and hot sauce drizzle. This dish was delicious.


Soon after the best, best, best pizza of the afternoon arrived. Aussies Favorite Veg Pizza(Thin Crust), it was all that I had ever hoped and wanted and desired from a pizza and lot, lot more. This pizza had two types of bread – Pizza Bread and Tortilla Bread; and molten liquid cheese in between. It was topped with lots of Mozzarella Cheese and Corn, Capsicum, Onion. This was just plain WOWWWWW! I was left licking cheese of my fingers even after the pizza was over.


Then the chicken extravaganza Pizza (cheese burst- normal crust) came. This pizza was simply mind bogglingly yummyyyy. It had string cheese, and liquid cheese and gods knows what other kind of cheese. But with the first bite I was completely moved by its taste. By the end of the first piece I had cheese all over my place and clothes, but I devoured the rest of the pizza without an ounce of shame. It had capsicum, chicken, olives, mushroom and onion as toppings.


Finally Peri Peri Chicken Crown Pizza came. This was Anthony’s special(out of menu) creation for us. One has to eat it to believe it. It was delicioussssssssssssssssss; so,so much cheese. The crown had chicken sheek kabab with cheese & mayonnaise garnish. With large quantities of capsicum, chicken, pairika, onion and peri peri spice this pizza was topnotch. The presentation was alluring and the taste was palatable.


Then started our dessert-a-thon. Yes we hadn’t finished yet! First Tripple Chocolate Sweetzza came. This was primarily a thin crust pizza base with a thick layer of chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, and grounded sugar as garnish. I found the crust to a little thick, otherwise the taste was brilliant.



Then chocolate vanilla mousse came. The mousse was plain delectable. It had a thick chocolate layer, on top of which there was a thick vanilla layer and finally garnish with chocolate filaments. imageedit_23_4698301825

Finally last but not the least Brownie with chocolate sauce came. This was the best dessert of the afternoon. It was warm and was served with lots of chocolate sauce and garnished with chocolate chips, white chocolate chips and grounded sugar. It had a little hard a base, and the taste was exquisite. When the warm brownie mixed with the chocolate sauce the concoction was just plain heavenly. imageedit_2_3879782680

As the afternoon came to an end, and were about to leave after an overdose of cheese, and an overdose of fun & frolic; I was pleasantly surprised to receive Eagle Boys monogrammed key chains. It was simple and friendly gesture that made me feel special. I thank Eagle Boys Pizza for and amazing experience and for making sure that I spend the next two days on a fruit diet (after all the cheeseeeeeee). Wish them all the very best for the future. Untitled

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7 thoughts on “Eagle Boys Pizza: Welcome the Aussies in Town

  1. Eagle Boys are my favourite of the pizza chains here in Australia – but my favourite pizzas come from my friends pizza shop and she is Indian 🙂 (Smoky Pizza Woodfired) Thanks for sharing


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