Le Coffee Creme : The Multifaceted Cafe

Is it a cafe? Is it a hookah parlor? Is it a European fine dining? Or is it a quirky eatery with bizarre looking rooms? Le Coffee Creme is all, but none exclusively. Its shear diversity took me by surprise! I was expecting a run-of the-mill café, but it had so many more dimensions to offer. From décor, to food I was completely bowled by their creativity.

I was invited for a Food Bloggers Meet, along with a group of foodies by Chef Tanmoy Das for an afternoon of food-tasting and in his case ‘food-learning’. He knows his stuff and likes to share his knowledge. While chatting with him I got to learn so many new things about continental cuisine and bakery items. It was an amazing experience. Tanmoy is the quintessential host; he is welcoming, he is humble, he is generous and he takes real pleasure in feeding people. He is wonderful person; when I praised him for his culinary skills he humbly accoladed his team for their efforts. And Oh My, his cooking just wow, simply wow! If you are at le coffee creme and do not try his desserts, it’s a crime!! His has a noble heart, he is a dynamite in the kitchen and he has a chiseled body; Tanmoy is a formidable force.

Le coffee creme is strategically located right opposite city center one’s open air sitting area. ‘Looks can be deceptive’ statement is very appropriate for this cafe. While it looked small from outside, when I entered I found it to be very spacious, consisting of four discrete sitting areas. The first one primarily give the feel of a café, is well lit with mild music, walls ornamented with quirky and colorful wall paper, books, wine bottles, designer cups, a humungous clock, a big statue of Buddha, and an old gramophone. Everything about this room was very vibrant, colorful, unorthodox, haphazard and yet in complete harmony. The next room is primarily for hookah. It’s dimly lit, with loud music, comfortable sofas, wine bottled wallpaper, a huge television set, and another gigantic clock. All of a sudden, totally unexpectedly the third section paves way for an Egyptian theme, primarily in golden, red and black. With Egyptian style rugs, wall hangings and lanterns, this section was completely diverse from the other two. The fourth section is a glass enclosed room for private parties. It’s simplistic, with natural light and comfortable chairs.

Why you should Visit:  

It is so much more than just a café

Regular guests get a membership card with 15% discount

Exquisite Continental Food (much better than a lot of fining diners)

Desserts are to die for

Must haves:

Blue Lagoon


Ginger Mojito


Watermelon Mojito


Pasta Alfredo


Chef Spl Baked Rice


Chocolate Crepe


We got seated in the at the café section and the first thing I noticed was that one could call the waiter at the click of a button, on the napkin holder (no more calling ‘excuse me, excuse me!’). I must confess I had my share of fun with that! Everything about this place was welcoming, joyous and cheerful. We started with the mocktails : Watermelon Mojito, Ginger Lime Mojito, Peach Iced Tea, Blue Lagoon, Summer Sip, Snow Cap and Italian Smooch. And OMG, they are all superbly delicious and looked divine. Before I delve into the details of the mocktails, I must take this opportunity to say that each of them had an individualistic, distinctive flavor and presentation. I was pleased, and frankly amazed with the diversity that the mocktails had to offer.  And none of them lost their consistency after a while when the ice melted. The mojitos came in elongated jar shaped glasses and looked really palatable. Watermelon Mojito was a red colored drink with optimum quantity of lime and mint leaves and had a strong watermelon flavor. The drink was simply heavenly. I had just stepped in from the sun and with the first sip I immediately felt invigorated. The Ginger Lime Mojito had a mild ginger with a stronger lime flavor. I’m personally a watermelon lover and found its taste to be extraordinary. The tastes of ginger and lime complemented well with that of the mint leaves. It was a very soothing drink, with a mild flavor and a memorable taste. Blue lagoon came a tall, triangular shaped glass which looked enticing. It tasted fizzy and delicious. Peach Iced Tea, which came in another tall jar, had a mild peach flavor, with a strong taste of tea and lots of ice. It tasted nice.


Summer Sip was a yellow colored mango and cream based drink. It came in a curvy glass, tasted rich and creamy. It was starking different from all the other mocktails that we had had so far. Snow Cap was primarily a chocolate brownie shake. With its delicious taste and enticing presentation it won my heart. It had a mid-sized chocolate brownie, which was presented as the part of the drink. And brownie itself was simply mind blowing. The drink was thick, with a strong chocolate taste. Finally the Italian Smooch that arrived at the end won my heart and soul. Made with lemon, coke, ginger, capsico sauce, tobasco sauce & mint leaves; this was one hell of delicious drink. It was fizzy, with strong flavors and an appreciable taste.


We started our course with Roasted Chicken Salad with Nachos. And OMG, OMG, OMG, what a start. I must begin with saying that salads are Tanmoy’s forte. Basically whatever salad he touches turns into gold. The salad was just simply stupendous. Crunchy tortillas topped with chicken, olives, bell peppers, onions, sweet corns in Italian Dressing.


Then the non-veg starter combo arrived. It consisted of fish and chips, barbeque crispy chicken, crispy chili babycorn, tarter dip & barbeque dip. Its enticing presentation and its sheer versatility won my heart. The Barbeque Chicken was primarily fried with a corn flakes coating and came with onion garnish. Barbeque chicken combined with barbeque dip was the best item of the platter. It was crispy, yet juicy inside; the taste was unparallel. The fish and chips with tarter dip looked alluring but turned out to be slightly oily. The fish was fried with a coating beer batter; it was soft and delicious. The chips tasted well; but were a little soggy. The tartar sauce was yum. The crispy chili baby corn was fried with onions, spring onions and bell pepper.  It tasted nice.


I had heard a lot about Tanmoy’s pasta and was eagerly waiting for it. I must say, I wasn’t disappointed at all. We had the Chicken Pasta in Alfredo Sauce. It came with chili flakes, oregano flakes and crisp garlic bread. This pasta was all that I had dreamt of and even more. It was penne pasta with chicken, sweet corn, olive, bell pepper, and mushrooms in a rich and creamy alfredo sauce (mushroom based); that won my heart and left me wanting more. This was definitely one of the best pastas I have had in the city.


As I made attempts to lick away all the alfredo sauce from the pasta bowl, the chicken steak arrived. This dish contained two pieces of beautiful tasting chicken steak, with a portion of herb rice, mashed potato, French fries and veggies (bell pepper & babycorn). The chicken steak was well marinaded and soft, the rice was delicious, the french fries were crispy, the mashed potato was cream. The entire combination tasted yummilicious.


Finally the best was saved for the last. At the end came Chef’s Special Baked Rice, it had a portion of veggies and french fries. Firstly the presentation was topnotch. It had a tomato made into a flower with a lit candle inside. The entire dish was baked with a light flour coating and when it was severed on my table I was quite intrigued. With the first spoonful I was transported to another world, the ‘world of cheese’.  This dish was just plain marvelous. It had two types of rice – pesto and arrabiata; chicken and veggies cooked in lots and lots and lots more of cheese.


After being completely satiated with the main course, we moved on to desserts. Well Tanmoy should be re-named as the Father of Desserts. His creations are simply, simply, simply mind boggling. We had the Chocolate Mud Pie. It had a chocolate sauce on top of a crumbly chocolate crust and topped with vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce. Even the simplest desserts Tanmoy can just make them tatse totally divine. The mud pie was one such example. When it was served on the table, we all pounced at the sight of it. It was rich, creamy, hot, chocolaty, simply marvelous. Finally came the Chocolate Crepe. Even before you read the rest of the review, just stop here, get up, go, eat the crepe and come back to read the rest. Trust me you will love me for this decision. The crepes are just, plain heavenly. This dish is a large brownie, draped in a crepe with lots of chocolate sauce(ganash) and chocolate chips. GOSHHHHHH, it was just plain unparallel. With its first bite, I was completely enchanted by its taste. And while it happens that a lot of desserts are so sweet that one feels very inundated with sweetness after a few bites and hence unable to eat anymore. Well, Tanmoy has some secret; due to which one can go on and on and on without any such feelings. This crepe was simply a master piece.


Special mention should be made of our server for the afternoon- Nizam. He was gracious and attentive. I must take this opportunity to mention that Le Coffee Crème will take time to server food, but everything is fresh and trust me when I say, it’s worth the wait. So be prepared to wait , because as the Biblical verse goes – ‘good things comes to those who wait’ .

I’m thankful to Tanmoy for the invitation and his delicious concoctions. I wish and hope that the future holds bright things for Him and Le Coffee Crème!

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  1. Now this is tempting.

    P.S. I am wondering, how do you get invited to all these places! I never got invited by anyone 😀


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